Special events and ceremonies

Holding Hands

Wedding Ceremonies

You can make your wedding celebration so very special by including personal rituals, like hand fasting, a sand ceremony or lighting a unity candle. It can take place anywhere, in a field, on a beach, in woods, at a hotel or in your own garden.

As well as crafting your ceremony I can advise you on how to plan the legal aspects of your wedding, which you will need to carry out at a register office or licensed venue. 

Baby Hand

Baby Naming or Adoption

Wow, a new addition to the family!  Let's celebrate by welcoming your baby or child and celebrating their name.

Naming ceremonies are an opportunity to join family and friends together, sharing prayers or blessings and using rituals e.g. sand ceremony or a tree planting, creating a memory box, and explaining the choice of the baby or child's name. Guide parents can be introduced and resolutions and intentions for supporting the new member of the family stated.  


As your celebrant I can help you create a naming ceremony that suits you.

Vow RenewalBrenda 250721 (c) Liz Greenhalgh Photography-1033.jpg

Vow Renewal

If you've been married abroad and key family or friends missed the wedding, you are reaching a milestone anniversary, life has been full of challenges, or, it just feels like the right time, renewing vows and affirming commitment can be a powerful way to cement your love. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the marriage so far and look to the future.

The ceremony can involve vows or elements from your initial ceremony or can be totally new and different.*

Brenda funeral 2 250721 (c) Liz Greenhalgh Photography-1003 (1).jpg

Funerals and Memorials

Celebrating endings is as important as beginnings. 

A good funeral service is  a way of celebrating a person’s life, paying respects, saying good bye, and helping to deal with our grief and loss.

Valuing our loved ones through funeral ritual actions, where ever they take place, can help us look forward.

I can work with you and the wider family to ensure that the final farewell meets the needs, wishes and beliefs of your loved one.


* Many thanks to Debbie at Dews Coaches for the Yurt.