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Personalised ceremonies full
of meaning and heart.

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Personalised ceremonies 

There are times in our lives when we want to mark an event, whether its honouring the passing of a loved one, the joining of two lives (wedding, handfasting etc), a renewal of vows or celebrating the birth of a baby.


My name is Brenda Woods and as a celebrant I can help you mark that event. Your ceremony should include what's important to you, in a place that has a special significance for you and written in a style that speaks with your voice. 

What's special to you? 

Music, poetry, dance? Pets, flowers, shoes, costume or colour?  Your ceremony can include what's important to you and can be written in a style that speaks with your voice.  It can be formal or informal.  It can involve your whole family or group of friends, or be a small intimate gathering.  Be traditional, modern or downright irregular.  Whatever the focus of the ceremony, wedding, naming, healing or reflecting, let's make it reflect you and your needs; not those of an institution. Your ceremony, your way.


Choose your own location or venue

Locations and venues can be important for ceremonies and rituals. We are not tied to traditional buildings or licensed venues,  although if that's what's right for you, let's do it. If you're looking for something unique and special why not think of a special place? This could be a forest, field, teepee, beach, airfield, on a boat, in your house or in a garden. It doesn't have to be fancy, just somewhere that you choose and at the time of day that you choose.

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